Training Services

From the training format, to curriculum desired, to delivery method– you’re covered.

Online Training: Remote Training Platform

Let’s face it going offsite to attend a training class add hours to your day, increases costs and other headaches that we’re sure you can relate. Psygistics provides online  training classes that can be delivered right in your office, or heck- if we can be so bold- anywhere around the world.  (Humbly said). No matter if you are based in one location or many, we can accommodate your needs.

Onsite Training: An Oldie, But A Steadfast Goodie

Psygistics concentrates on the delivery of training at your location simply because we are able to tailor the topics to your specific needs to a level you probably won’t find with training companies.  The ability to cater training curriculum to you simply a better way to learn.

Full Day | Half Day Classes: You Make The Decision

With full day classes you can full immerse your group in the material.  The obvious trade-off is time.  Half-day classes are more condensed, up-tempo based and are designed to convey the need to know material as rapidly as possible.  The trade-off is the pace of the class.  Let us know what works and we’ll set you up either way.

1-to-1 Training:  Most Effective

If you prefer one-to-one computer training intended to focus on the specific needs of your employees can be arranged. Psygistics is happy provide your people with individualized instruction right at the the convenience of their workstation.

Other Cool Stuff: So You Wanna….

  • Use your own class files? No Problem.
  • Customize the course topics?  No sweat.